Client: RIXC - The Center for New Media Culture, RENEW festival, Aalto Node gallery. / Year: 2013. / Category: New Media Art.

Initially Metasphere was collaboration between new media artists / technologists Krisjanis Rijnieks and Irina Spicaka, later Platon Buravicky created sound based on their idea and design. Metaspere is an audiovisual media installation and performance that consists of the digitaly fabricated 3D screen and generative audio-reactive real-time visuals that are being mapped on to the surface. + Sound.

The same 3D data are used for creating the 3D screen and visuals. After creating the screen 3D model in Blender, the resulting data takes two separate paths (3D screen and animation) that are connected again at the end of the process. Initial animation sketches were made with Quartz Composer. Currently openFrameworks is used for creating the visual content, VDMX is used as GUI. MadMapper software is used to map it to the surface. Syphon and OSC are used for connecting all the software parts. MaxMSP and Ableton Live is used for the sound.

Performed at Art + Communication RENEW festival in collaboration with Media Art History conference. To see more images please click here.

Exhibited and performed at RIXC gallery. More images here.

Exhibited at Aalto Node gallery. See more images.

The sculpture / screen was created in collaboration with Aalto Fab Lab, please see short description about how it was done.

Sponsors: The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (SCCF), Pixelache, Aalto Media Factory and Aalto Fab Lab.

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