Client: ofxPiMapper / Date: 2014 / Category: UX/UI Design for iOS App & Web

The initial idea was to create a commercial Pocket Mapper as a pocket-size projection mapping tool for artists, designers and others who are interested in learning and experimenting with projection mapping. In the end a commercial product was not built, however, ofxPiMapper still exists as an open-source openFramework add-on.

We wanted to encourage our future users to stop expensive computers and commercial, closed source projection mapping software. Pocket Mapper was meant to contain both affordable hardware and open-source software, all set up to be easily integrated into the users' personal projects.

iOS App & Web design ideas were created after running multiple user interviews and A/B tests, and afterwards analyzing collected data. We made sure that future Pocket Mapper users were given a chance to use intuitive and good-looking user interface, and experience gained would be used in work with an actual product later.

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