Artwork: Video for Classical Music Composition. / Exhibited: Experimental Music Festival Sound Forest, Resonace Riga (Latvia), Art Festival Tornemi (Catalania), Short Film & Video Festival Zootropio (Portugal). / Year: 2011, 2012, 2014. / Category: Video Art, Sound Visualisation.

Video Art by Irina Spicaka, Kaspars Sverns / Composer Santa Ratniece / Clarinet Egils Sefers / Cello Eriks Kirsfelds.

"In this video Irina Spicaka researches the unexplainable attraction of two objects, their transformation into each other. Dragonflies and water, what makes these two united, what makes them race towards each other and then abruptly withdraw. The beautiful and sometimes shrill sounds of the clarinet and cello only add to the feeling of this abruptness, and yet somehow, harmony. Irina Spicaka in this work collaborated with composer Santa Ratniece and animator Kaspars Sverns." - Alina Cvetkova for the Art Festival "Tornemi 2014" in Catalonia.

"Once more I watched and was really delighted to see how naturally music blends with picture; they are inseparable. The nuances of clarinet and cello music, starting from gentle and soothing to high pitched and shrill are represented in subtle pattern of geometric shapes which vibrates just like the sound itself vibrates in the air. Although sometimes infinitely silent, the sound does not stop, it spins around in circles... Both the instruments try to get closer to each other, to evolve into each other, and the picture shows how new forms are born and fly into the space when music explodes. Transparent sounds in the end of composition rock slowly as weightless pieces of glass in the space and then again are gradually moving towards a central point, the heart.” - Composer Santa Ratniece about the video.

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