Client: HOLOPLOT / Date: 2017-2018 / Category: Art Direction, UX/UI Design for Software

HOLOPLOT won the category award "Newcomer" at the 50 most innovative companies award ceremony by MIT Technology Review in 2017. HOLOPLOT is a winner of the 2017 Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW.

HOLOPLOT created ORION series - a revolutionising professional audio system, based on wave field synthesis with idea to transform the way how to apply, enjoy and improve audio in the future.

I joined the team as a UX/UI Designer to improve usability, look and feel of ORBIT software which was created to control immersive sound experiences. In the end together with a team of engineers and developers we almost built it from scratch. To make developers life easier I created also the design system.

My responsibility was also to write and design user software and hardware manuals. While writing these manuals, I learned many new things related to sound design, sound synthesis, wave-field synthesis, physics, mathematics and spatial design.

In parallel of that, I worked as an art director and collaborated with a business development and marketing teams, brand designer and 3D artist, I helped with rebranding, brandbook design and print design.

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