Artwork: Flow. / Exhibition Venue: School of Machines, ACUD MACHT NEU (Berlin). / Year: 2016. / Category: Interactive Art, Audiovisual Art.


An interactive installation FLOW was created during the Computer Vision study at the School of Machines in Berlin. Made as an easy to use arwork. The artist does not have to explain the audience how to use it. The audience needs to enter the interaction area and visual changes are being applied immediately. This artwork makes the audience be part of creation. The interesting aspect is that the audience’s experience is sensory, basically experienced with own skin during an interaction with the artwork.

The artwork works as a generative projection and does not require the interaction from the audience. However, Kinect sensor is connected to openFrameworks which detects silhouette and motion of one or several bodies. Gathered information changes a behavior of the optical flow. The optical flow in this work is a pattern of scaling and rotating rectangles with a fixed origin point. The rotation and scaling is synchronized and disturbed by the silhouette of the body. The body triggers the sound when a body enters specific fields of Kinect sensor.

The openFrameworks application is made so that the artist can change the threshold of image depth with is the limit of distance from Kinect sensor. This is a way to exclude the wall if it is behind the audience.

Special thanks to mentors Chris Sugrue and Mo Seeger.

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