Artwork: {self} process. / Exhibition Venue: Art and Technology Center CultureHub in New York. / Published: Popper Publishing magazine Vol.13 “Ancient Relics”. / Year: 2017. / Category: Digital Media Arts, Interactive Arts, Illustration.

Exhibition for CultureHub’s Season Kickoff!

A group of international artists taking on selfie culture. Irina Spicaka, Yang Wang, Zhenzhen Qi, Ramsey Nasser, Lisa Jamhoury, and Kaho Abe presented interactive works commenting on our narcissism and desire to be “liked” by others.

Technology: 3D Scanning and Modeling, Motion Graphics, Sound Design.

Art grant: The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (SCCF).

Special thanks for support to: Photostudio Chérie and Fab Lab Berlin.

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