A Berlin-based Digital Media Artist, UI/UX Designer, Art Director & Curator.

As a Digital Media Artist I mainly focus on creating interactive, audiovisual multi-channel installations and performances which use technology like the face-recognition, motion-tracking, projection mapping, digital fabrication, 3D scanning, 3D animation, generative visuals, sound design and synthesis.

Main collaborators: Art and Technology Center CultureHub and CEC ArtsLink in New York, SPACES gallery in Cleveland, Berlin-based organizations SPEKTRUM art_science_technologySchool of MachinesFab LabPixelache and Aalto Media Factory in Finland, sound festival Sound Forest and New Media Center RIXC in Riga.

I’ve done art talks for the AWWWARDS conference for digital thinkers in Berlin, and had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Adobe. I gave an inspirational talk on design during the TALK UX conference in Taipei. Twice gave a presentation on my artistic approach at The Trust of Mutual Understanding grants organization in New York.

I’ve been awarded as a Nominator for the SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP) at SPACES arts residency program in Cleveland. Other sponsors in The United States: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, CEC ArtsLink, Ohio Arts Council and ART WORKS. I’ve been annually receiving grants for artwork production from The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (SCCF), have received mobility and network grants from the Nordic Culture Point.

I’ve mentored UX Design students and have been giving workshops on UI and graphic design for graphic designers and 3D scanning and modeling, projection mapping, visual programming for artists. My main hosts SPEKTRUM art_science_technologySchool of MachinesCareerFoundryBetahaus in Berlin, CLICK festival in Denmark, SPACES gallery in Cleveland.

I’m committed to innovation in art, design and technology. I spend large part of my time working for causes like achieving gender parity in technology industry and providing high-level education in technology for non-academics, especially women creatives from different ethnic groups.

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I’m also a Founder of CC4AV — a platform for collaborative experiments with technology, sound, design and visual art. CC4AV organizes workshops, AV events and Max meet-ups in Berlin. Main collaborators Cycling ’74AbletonProject ASPEKTRUM art_science_technologyPixelache and Aalto Media Factory.

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As a Senior UI/UX Designer & Art Director I’ve worked with companies and products such as: The MIT Technology Review award receiving German startup HOLOPLOT – I designed the ORBIT software that allows to set and control immersive sound experiences, and I improved the brand experience. I designed BlueReport Apps and SaaS – a world class media monitoring tool. An interactive website-estimator for CodeControl which calculates how much your App will cost. An innovtive health care App with Admin Panel for myo which helps relatives take part in the life of their beloved elderlies. UX and UI design improvements for Siemens, Delivery Hero, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Multiple websites for startups like Hardware Accelarator Berlin, Open Innovation Space Berlin, fitness booking App fitogramPRO, art advisor Maya Mikelsone Inc.